Ban on Polymer Tactical Rifle Magazines Enacted

M27 IAR Infantry Automatic RiflePeople are very particular about the tactical gear they decide to use, whether they are hunters, campers or into other expeditionary activities such as these. However, when it comes to the equipment used by law enforcement or military, the men and women are rarely allowed to choose the tools they prefer, as the gear is provided to them and approved by the governing body of that organization. This is true of many things, but especially the artillery that is given to our armed forces.

This control of guns and ammo can sometimes lead to changes that may not be popular among troops. For instance, Marine Corps Times reports that a popular rifle magazine has been banned from use by the Marine Corps. It appears that the durability of the magazine type is what will be missed by soldiers:

“Polymer rifle magazines, preferred by many combat troops for their durability, have been banned by the Marine Corps, according to a new administrative message published Monday. The polymer magazine ban is likely to upset Marines who tout their superior durability. Traditional metal magazines do not spring back once they are bent, meaning they may not feed rounds properly to the weapon…”

The article says that the lack of spring back is the biggest concern, especially when in the line of fire. The polymer magazines have been banned for a perceived ‘lack of compatibility’ cited by the Marine Corps Combat Development Command. Going further into the issue, the story says polymer magazines can sometimes cause problems with certain weapons:

“While they work well in standard M16 and M4 rifles, polymer magazines present potential problems when used with the Corps’ new M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle, which is being fielded throughout the force as a substitute for the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon in some formations.”

There are currently more than 6000 of the M27s being used by the Marines, so this is a concern. Although manufacturers are planning on a more compatible polymer magazine, there is no plan to remove the ban.

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