About Atlantic Diving Supply

Atlantic Diving Supply is one of the world’s leaders in providing tactical gear and operational support to the groups that need it most. Featuring a massive inventory of customizable equipment for emergency crews, firefighters and even military personnel, ADS, Inc. truly represents only the best in tactical manufacturing, with connections to over 3000 manufacturers known the world over.

The selection of standard gear at Atlantic Diving Supply is unmatched by other companies in the field, featuring products not available from other suppliers. For instance, ADS, Inc. features the Gen III ECWCS (Extended Climate Warfighter Clothing System), which takes the protection of regular tactical clothing systems to a level never seen before. With 7 possible layers of varying protection, the Gen III ECWCS is adaptable to weather conditions from as low as -40 degrees to +60 degrees Fahrenheit. This system is also remarkable in its flexibility while maintaining only the highest levels of protection for military officers, law enforcement and other expeditionary travelers.

Atlantic Diving Supply has also mastered the difficult task of kitting and assembly and is a leader in inventory control and management. In terms of kitting, your tactical gear needs will be chosen and packaged in whatever customized packaging is necessary for your operation. The equipment that you have requested will also be properly stored away as to protect it from any possible damage before and during shipping. Our kitting and assembly services are guaranteed to be more than satisfactory to your needs – we’ll even personally double-check each kit we ship from our warehouses.

Any time you need tactical gear and equipment, there is really only one company you should choose – Atlantic Diving Supply. The unparalleled selection of tactical gear paired with top-tier customer service and packaging services will be a perfect fit for whatever outfit you are working with. Come to us for all of your tactical needs.


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