ADS Supplies Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern

It’s no secret that the equipment that our military uses in combat situations is incredibly important. This goes for the operational equipment just as much as it does for the clothing worn by soldiers. One of the main features of any uniform being worn by a soldier is its style, in particular, the camouflage pattern that the material is printed with. Camouflage patterns are incredibly important to maximizing the safety and invisibility of soldiers to the opposing forces that are at work.

Most recently, the Army has chosen a new pattern for their uniforms – the MultiCam camouflage pattern. Since this has been chosen with Operation Enduring Freedom in mind, the pattern’s full name will be Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OCP). According to Defense Update, an online magazine, the new pattern was picked after several months of testing. The testing showed that MultiCam had exactly what Army soldiers needed:

“Unlike conventional camouflage that blends into the environment by color matching, the MultiCam camouflage pattern…is designed to blend and reflect some of the surrounding colors of the environment, thus blending in with the environment. The new pattern is designed to deceive the human eye and brain to accept the concealed object as part of the background. Furthermore, the pattern’s complex, curved elements are shaped to efficiently maintain concealment by effectively managing scale and contrast at long and close range.”

Atlantic Diving Supply, a leader in the kitting of tactical gear, was tasked with preparing the new MultiCam uniforms for soldiers, according its website:

“ADS ordered and stored all of the equipment on the contract in their 75,000 sq. ft. kitting warehouse awaiting shipment to theater. Based on specific information for each individual Soldier in the battalion, such as name, rank, boot size, waist size, chest size, duty position (e.g. M240 gunner), etc, ADS created the 560 kits in large kit bags that were secured with TSA locks, and barcoded with the Soldier’s information.”


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