Federal Agencies & Defense Contractors

Companies like Atlantic Diving Supply, a leader in the world of GSA contracts for tactical gear and tactical equipment, deal with a wide variety of different customers, including the military, fire and emergency services and state and local law enforcement. ADS also works closely with federal agencies and defense contractors, to deliver the best tactical gear and operational equipment as needed in the field.

At ADS, the team of people helping execute orders for tactically equipment are from as wide range of different former occupations, generally being retired military personnel and law enforcement. With experience available to federal agencies or defense contractors, the tools and equipment that contractors have for order, the operational effectiveness of a team can be vastly improved in every way.

The information on the ADS website also explains how defense contractors work within the framework of the government by purchasing through GSA vendors with ADS:

From tactical and special operational equipment to fire and emergency response equipment, our broad spectrum of products and services eliminates the need to buy from multiple sources. ADS features a wide-range of contractual vehicles to make product acquisition as easy as possible. Our contractual vehicles are simple to use and each one has its own advantages dependent upon specific customer requirements.

The kind of equipment that can be secured from Atlantic Diving Supply provides a very broad range of choices for federal agencies and defense contractors. For instance, a local fire department might look into the ADS Fire & Emergency Services Equipment TLS Program, which can aid in areas like:

Aircraft Fire Fighting
Domestic Preparedness
Land-Based & Aircraft Rescue
Safety/Search & Rescue
Structural & Shipboard
Wildland Fire Fighting

If you are a federal agency or defense contractor who needs specific tactical gear, Atlantic Diving Supply has hundreds of choices from the best tactical equipment vendors all over the world.


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