Military Medical Supplies

One of the most important elements for any tactical team to learn is the ability to support a comrade who has been hurt. In dealing with high intensity battle situations and otherwise, the skills inherent in basic medical support are necessary to the survival and function of any type of tactical team. To ensure that proper care can be taken when you are injured in a battle zone, the people around you need to have the essential tools that will ably assist in your medical needs.

Now we all know what it is a normal first aid kit – some bandages, creams, antiseptics, etc. These items are necessary for basic first aid, but when it comes to assisting the military, the bare essentials just won’t do. That’s where military medical supplies come in.

At Atlantic Diving Supply, the lives and care of our military is of the utmost importance. That’s why ADS offers supplies from Combat Medical Systems, LLC, a leader in tactical medicine. According to ADS:

“By mobilizing the best mix of combat medics, military acquisition specialists and product designers, CMS delivers tactical medical solutions that directly contribute to decreasing preventable mortality associated with tactical operations. From the development & design phase to the production & operational evaluation, CMS will maximize your agency’s success in providing the most effective combat medical solution. Whether you are the Department of Defense or Local, State or Federal Government providing tactical services, let us help you maximize your success by providing your combat medical solution.”

One of Combat Medical Systems’ products is a truly revolutionary medical kit, a Mojo Urban Patrol Chest Rig, which makes it simple to access both ammunition and medicinal supplies at a moment’s notice. The actual pack can be used for either medical supplies or otherwise, which is useful for members of a squad who have no need to carry medical supplies.


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