Sleep Systems

If you are out on a mission in a deserted and/or remote area and it gets dark, you’re going to make a reliable sleeping arrangement for yourself. Be it a makeshift spot in the woods or an abandoned camp site, you deserve a certain level of comfort and safety. Luckily, ADS offers 3 types of Berry Compliant complete sleep systems that will fit the bill for your next expedition:

Three-in-One Sleep System – This stacked system comes complete with two sleeping bags (one lightweight and one heavyweight) that fit into on another to provide you with protection from temperatures down to -30 degrees when combined with arctic winter clothing and gear. What’s the third part of this system? A Bivy cover that will snugly fit over one or both sleeping bags for added comfort and security. Comes with a backpack that fits the whole system for ease of carrying.
Three Season Sleep System – Comes with three parts – a sleeping bag, a Bivy cover and a waterproof compression stuff sack – all of which fit into a lightweight mesh bag for travel. The compression stuff sack is coated in urethane for waterproof protection and also features an air purge valve for easy release. Perfect for conditions 30 degrees and higher.
Combat Mobility Sleep System – Now here’s quite the package – it’s a sleep system that you can wear like a sleeping bag hooded jacket. Combining the same waterproof compression sack and Bivy cover as the Three Season Sleep System, the major difference is the hood and arm holes, which allow for the soldier to utilize the sleeping bag as an oversized parka. This system is excellent if you’re seeking comfort and flexibility at the same time.

ADS, Inc. is a great source for sleep systems for any kind of weather or situation you may be faced with. These Berry Complaint systems will suit you no matter what kind of job you have to do.


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