Tents and Shelters for Expeditions

At one time or another, we all tried camping in our backyard as kids. If we were feeling particularly adventurous, we might make a small clearing at the edge of the woods behind our houses and get “rugged.” As we grow up, the tents get a little sturdier and bigger for the growing size of the people inside. Where can we get tents when the biggest department store size just isn’t big enough?

Luckily, ADS, one of the nation’s industry-leading equipment solutions providers, has got exactly what you’re looking for. Gigantic, large-scale structures perfect for any kind of mission or expedition, be it military or exploratory. Featuring Base-X shelters as large as the mammoth Vertigo AIMS or as small as the Losi SE 2P, ADS will have the perfect size and shape tent for the conditions you will be in.

A few examples of ADS’ tents and shelters include:

• The Vertigo AIMS – Standing for Aviation Inflatable Maintenance Shelter, the AIMS represents the standard for high quality, military grade protection. This shelter is large enough to house a CH-47 Chinook helicopter with blades deployed, which is impressive for a lightweight shelter. Features include electrical distribution, a lighting system, a soil anchoring system and two aircraft doors on each end for quick deployment.
• Model 307 – Now here’s a shelter with some serious space. At 18 feet long and 35 feet wide, the Model 307 is essential for medical and/or communications units in the field. Not only will all of your brigade’s men fit comfortably inside, your equipment will be alongside them.
• Astro 8P – The Astro 8P is a spacious and adaptable 8 person tent, suited for military or expedition purposes. Can be connected to other Astro tents via links, making this tent a perfect cornerstone for any kind of mission or operation.


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